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Fun, playful, and uniquely seductive eyewear from the heart of France. Each pair of glasses is designed with true delicacy to assure that creative individuals have a unique outlet for self-expression. Do you find yourself searching for a pair of glasses that stray far from ordinary?


French eyewear for the bold, brazen shapes and colors with an extra side of attitude. The stylish, sensual, and gorgeously colored frames of the BOZ eyewear collections personify originality and elegance on the women who wear them. Nothing ordinary, every pair has something unique to offer, embracing your wild side has never inspired more confidence.
Exquisite luxury eyewear painstakingly produced by European artisan craftsmen. Cartier eyewear offers unprecedented quality, class, comfort, and design that will never go out of style. Complimentary to any successful look and guaranteed to garner respect for those who wear it. So indulge, you have earned it! Cartier… the name says it all.
Beautiful glasses made specifically for those of us with small faces. Petite eyewear handcrafted in Germany. You will never have to consider wearing oversized, uncomfortable glasses or looking at children eyewear ever again.
Classic eyewear styles recreated for the modern world. Dita design is reflective of American culture be it the Hollywood silver screen or clubs on the Sunset Strip. California cool!
Delightful colorful designs that are incredibly unique yet comfortable to wear. Straight from the streets of Paris, Face a Face eyewear looks fabulous no matter what the setting. These glasses possess pure and truly contemporary lines, sensual volumes, and vibrant colors.
Parisian eyewear made in the spirit of city that surrounds them. Francis Klein utilizes flowing dramatic shapes in the boldest of colors accompanied by the sweetest adornments including stones and hand painted signature designs.
Artisan eyewear designed to showcase each person’s individual personality. A true representation of the very definition of what is fashion forward, extroverted, and cosmopolitan. Each frame reflects the free spirit of the wearer.
The pinnacle of Italian fashion, Gucci is perhaps the most legendary Italian fashion house. Recently the eyewear collection was totally reinvented to bring fresh life into a brand that already is known for taking bold leaps and big risks.
Jean-François Rey is one of the world’s top eyewear designers. The French collection is so fascinating not only by its fashion but its sheer vastness. The Spring and Fall releases are unusually large for and independent brand. There is always something fresh to see!
This collection centers around two key pillars (comfort and customization). The frames are simply the lightest most minimal available anywhere. But minimal doesn’t mean dull. Lindberg frames are completely customizable to every whim, preference and need of the wearer.
For a person who demands durability and lightweight comfortable glasses. Extremely strong German Mykita eyewear built for people that are tough on their glasses. European style made to last.
Japanese eyewear for a person who appreciates fashion to the smallest detail. Every piece is made and assembled to create the perfect eyewear specimen. Frames are adorned with coining, engravings, and emblems that set each pair apart from all others.
Ottica Veneta, OV – Stylish handmade eyewear from the mountains of Italy. Color and style designed in elegance by Italian craftsmen. Brave enough to draw looks yet refined enough to be worn every day. OV + LAMARCA is latest Italian collaboration offering a unique contemporary eyewear collection that embodies the timeless, Italian craftsmanship synonymous with quality and colorful easy to wear styling.
Project Nude Eyewear is a very affordable contemporary fashion eyewear. Made with the richest and most colorful acetates, as well as many other lightweight materials, the craft and design team succeeded in making some of the trendiest and most comfortable glasses ever seen, with over 200 unique designs and colors.
SALT Optics is about timeless design and impeccable quality combined with a pure comfortable fit. Inspired by nature, built by humans, SALT glasses are cozy to wear from morning to night.
“Chanel freed women, YSL empowered them”. This strong statement is exemplified in an eyewear collection that includes sharp lines, direct shapes, and solid colors.
From the mountains of Italy, SOSPIRI glasses embody the spirit of glamour. Each pair radiates a sparkly brilliance of genuine Swarovski® Crystals that shimmer brightly on each colorful frame. SOSPIRI eyewear lights up the face and enhances each woman’s personal facial features.
Sugar Specs is one of the freshest eyewear collections in THE LAND. The brand hails from Ohio’s north coast. The inspiration for the collection is rooted in the rock n’ roll attitude of the city. It doesn’t have to pretend to be cool. it simply IS.
Theo produces the boldest of shapes in the most brilliant colors in the independent optical world …. period. This Belgian collection tests even the bravest in the eyewear fashion world with its Avant-Garde designs. Fun, playful, and diverse, each Theo frame is its own conversation piece.
Tom Ford design encapsulates the metropolitan spirit of NYC in an eyewear collection with attitude. TF mixes patterns and styles together effortlessly to form frames that create a captivating look for the wearer. Manhattan meets Milan…. Tom Ford is a collection for the ages.
A sought-after Australian Eyewear brand offering Bold and High Fashion glasses and sunglasses for all budgets! Sharp black meets sculptural white. Raw aesthetic meets polished form. Bold silhouettes meet understated details.
Designed more in the spirit of handcrafted jewelry than eyewear, this French collection showcases a Parisian color palette coupled with sophisticated patterns within the structure of each frame. Volta Face literally means “about face” in French and is defined as “a change in thinking or opinion”. The name perfectly captures the spirit of the brand.
German artisan metalworking in simple but refined styles. Each frame is lightweight yet extremely durable. No screws… just an ingenious hinge made from steel. German engineering at its finest.