Our Lenses

We make lenses that help you see crystal clear and look your best. The perfect marriage of optical science and fashion, offered in convenient and simple to understand packages. All delivered with unmatched speed and accuracy.

We only use the finest quality lenses, coatings and treatments. Zeiss is our strategic lens partner and is the standard of quality and innovation in the industry. We make glasses for distance, reading or multiple distances. Sunglasses with custom tints or polarization to protect you from the sun. If you need glasses that reduce glare driving at night or blue light lenses to protect your eyes from computer screens, we have them too.

Eye Candy glasses are made with the strictest attention to every detail of your unique prescription and measurements. Each pair is then tripled checked for perfection. The end result is a pair of glasses in which YOU see crystal clear.

Fashion is so much more than the frame. The lenses themselves and the positioning of the lenses within the frame are crucial components to make a beautiful pair of glasses. This can make or break your whole look.

Our proprietary software formulates the thinnest lenses for your prescription and the frame you choose. Pretty frame… pretty lenses... pretty simple!

Our goal is to deliver an amazing pair of glasses to you with speed that puts our competitors to shame. We can produce a pair of Single Vision glasses in most prescriptions the very SAME DAY or in many cases the SAME HOUR! Progressive lenses take only a little over a week (on average). No one should wait weeks for glasses!

Our labs have the newest, fastest, and most precise equipment in the market today. The end result is a proper glasses made in minutes. By doing most of the work in house, we can shave days off our delivery time. That’s right... days faster!

Optics isn’t rocket science. So why try to sound like rocket scientists? We speak in everyday language and never try to impress with a bunch of “mumbo jumbo” technical jargon. We work directly with YOU to choose a pair of lenses. Everything you need, nothing you don’t! This is based on YOUR needs and preferences not ours!

Our lens solutions are separated into easy to understand packages. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. No nonsense. No endless lists of options. No packing a lunch. We really value your time!

See and Be seen at Eye Candy Optical