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Ottica Veneta, OV – Stylish handmade eyewear from the mountains of Italy. Color and style designed in elegance by Italian craftsmen. Brave enough to draw looks yet refined enough to be worn every day. OV + LAMARCA is latest Italian collaboration offering a unique contemporary eyewear collection that embodies the timeless, Italian craftsmanship synonymous with quality and colorful easy to wear styling.

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Founded in 2002 by the brilliant Riccardo Lamon, Ottica Veneta is a luxury eyewear brand produced in the beautiful mountains of Italy. Lamon’s designs have successfully illustrated the soul of Italy with the unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary fashion. Ottica Veneta has an approach to glasses that makes them stand out in an extraordinary way, every frame speaks of incredible boldness while staying sophisticated and professional.

Ottica Veneta captures the whimsical spirit in every woman, and lets it intertwine with her magnificent mind. Thus, making a timeless design that harmonizes class with sass, a balance perfect for refined and fearless woman. Ottica Veneta uses finest Mazzuchelli acetates, precise layering techniques, along with opaque colors to create one of a kind finishes that encapsulate the value of Italian eyewear and the woman wearing it. 

Ottica Veneta and Lamarca joined forces to bring its clients a special collection of Made in Veneto greatness, full of vibrant colors and interesting shapes. Both brands have made their mark on the optical industry by maintaining the highest standards in quality, unique to Italy, and moreover, unique to the Veneto region.

The OV + LaMarca brand is divided into major “families,” like Ceselli, Mosaico, Intagli, Fusioni, Scultura, and Policromie each representing a unique process of manufacturing and coloration. Techniques such as fusion, diamond cut chiseling, and layering of Mazzuchelli acetates allow for an incomparable collection, appealing to those fashionistas who value an unparalleled attention to quality and detail.

Nothing is better than knowing you are styled to perfection for any occasion, in Ottica Veneta and Lamarca eyewear and you can take that confidence wherever you go. You can be fashionable in your everyday spectacles without sacrificing comfort or durability.

Women who wear these glasses are elegant with an intriguing and fun personality that shines through in any setting. From your workplace to a night on the town, you thrive within your brilliance and style day and night. You are reliable and logical, putting your best foot forward and always coming out on top while looking stunning.

Ottica Veneta + Lamarca has been bringing out the best in women worldwide for years and has no plan of stopping now, their eyewear takes fashion and luxury to a level that is timeless just like the women who wear it. You can get the finest glasses and sunglasses these two brands have to offer at Eye Candy Optical.