J. F. Rey Eyewear

Jean-François Rey is one of the world’s top eyewear designers. The French collection is so fascinating not only by its fashion but its sheer vastness. The Spring and Fall releases are unusually large for and independent brand. There is always something fresh to see!

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J.F. Rey Eyewear

Jean-François Rey is one of the world’s top eyewear designers. He is a creator without limitations and his frames reflect that unique contemporary style. J.F. Rey glasses and sunglasses immediately evoke a particular style, a modern and innovative design that operates in a creative universe in constant motion. J.F. Rey glasses do not have the desire to be fashionable: they speak loudly and their willingness to be shifted to express their character through the branches.

For J.F. Rey creative teams, all environments are inspiring. Often they look at a detail of a building or a texture in nature and an eyewear form is going to be born, often by accident. Following the history of each pair of glasses show a methodical choice of colors and material combinations that fully express the "politically incorrect" statement that lives in each model of the eyewear collection.

Today J.F. Rey’s style is reflected in both; his sturdy titanium collection as well as in his many playful acetates. Describing J.F. Rey eyewear as "unique" would be a big understatement. These French frame designs are some of the boldest in independent optical world.

In addition, J.F. Rey has a very large and interesting collection of Petite frames for women who want Avant-Garde and extremely colorful designs in a size that will fit their faces perfectly. J.F. Rey glasses are the epitome of French style and made for those individuals craving something more than a purely functional frame.

At the end of the day, J.F. Rey offers is a strong and exuberant eyewear collection that appeals to an urbane and hip clientele seeking to avoid classification. The people who wear J.F. Rey glasses see eyewear as an essential fashion accessory and are extremely fashion forward.

What J.F. Rey Glasses or Sunglasses Say Your Personality?

If you wear J.F. Rey glasses or sunglasses, you like attention and being in the limelight. An extrovert by nature you enjoy being surrounded by people. At work, you excel in group projects and tend to be the “go to” person for the close of a sales pitch. You are adventurous when it comes to eating out and love the idea of sharing tappas with friends at Wine Bar in Rocky River. You top it off with a night out dancing. A little glitz and a little glam is always in the cards for you. Despite your natural place in the spotlight, there is still a quiet side to you. Some downtime at home with a good book and a nice cup of mint tea is your perfect escape.

Why J.F. Rey Eyewear?

J.F. Rey Quality – Fashionable glasses that are made extremely well.
J.F. Rey Warranty – One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
J.F. Rey Style – Modern and Innovative designs that are bold and fashion forward.
Finest Materials Including – High quality acetates, metals, titanium, and wood frame materials, patented designs and frame finishes.
Attention to Detail – J.F. Rey focuses on the small fashionable accents that make huge contributions to the final eyewear piece.
J.F. Rey History – Company started in the south of France over 20 years ago.
J.F. Rey Selection – An amazing selection of ophthalmic glasses and sunglasses in collections of colors and finishes that are unsurpassed in terms of depth of styles.

Where to Buy J.F. Rey Glasses and Sunglasses in Cleveland?

Eye Candy Optical in Westlake and Beachwood are the PLACES for J.F. Rey prescription glasses and sunglasses in Greater Cleveland. Come to the store and let us help you find the perfect J.F. Rey pair! See you soon…