Vision and Exams

Exam Fees and Specials for Self-Pay Customers:

  • $50* ($100 Reg.) Glasses Only Eye Exam with Complete Pair Purchase  
  • $100* ($150 Reg.) Soft Contact Lens Exam with Purchase of 3-month Supply
  • $50 First Time Contact Lens Wearer Fitting Class
  • $250 Single Vision Rigid Gas Permeable Hard Contact Lens Exam
  • $350 Multi-Focal Rigid Gas Permeable Hard Contact Lens Exam

Terms and Conditions: $50 Comprehensive Eye Exam Promotion valid with a complete pair purchase of prescription glasses or sunglasses, $100 exam only fee without purchase. $150 Comprehensive Contact Lens Exam for current contact lens wearers. Receive a $50 credit against your Contact Lens Exam with a purchase of 3+ month supply or if you purchase a complete pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. For first time contact lens wearers, a $50 fitting class is required. Valid from June 1, 2020 through August 1, 2020. Eye Candy Optical accepts all major Vision Benefits plans. Eye Candy Optical does not accept Medicaid and CareSource vision plans.

Comprehensive Glasses Only Eye Exam includes: full medical health screening, glaucoma testing (GT), cataract and retina exam, dry/watery eye check, refraction, eyewear prescription.

Soft Contact Lens Exam includes: comprehensive eye test, full medical health screening, refraction, eyeglass RX, contacts RX.