About Us


“See and Be Seen” at Eye Candy Optical, the hottest optical shops in Greater Cleveland offering simply amazing glasses for men, women, and teens!  Eye Candy Optical stores features unique international fashion eyewear seen on the streets of Paris, Milan, New York, London, and Tokyo.  High fashion does not mean high prices… we have frames from $79 and up.  Plus we accept all most major vision insurance plans and FSA accounts.  Comprehensive Eye and Contact Lens Exams are conveniently offered on site. Shop at your leisure and find the perfect pair of glasses that fit your whole look, lifestyle, and personality.  Enjoy warm, personalized service and cool fashion frames in a hip, trendy space where customers are people - not patients.  Buying glasses should be FUN… Right? RIGHT!!!



“Like most new ideas, Eye Candy Optical was born out of a personal need... We realized that glasses are MORE than just functional and aesthetic.  If you wear glasses they truly are a part of your identity.  That’s pretty darn important. Most of us feel “naked’ without our specs. We, at Eye Candy Optical, LOVE eyeglasses, but were frustrated by the lack of choice in eye glass frames right here in our HOMETOWN of Cleveland.  We saw a “sea of sameness” everywere we went. We wanted eyeglasses that were fun!  We wanted eyeglasses that were fashion forward!  We wanted glasses that were colorful!  We wanted glasses that reflected our own personal style!  What we really wanted is Eye Candy!!!  The next three years would be a quest to find the finest eyewear on the planet.  Thus, our search has begun.  We combed through optical shops in the U.S. and around the globe in order to uncover the best eyewear available.  Our journey went from New York to London, Miami to Moscow and many more destinations in-between.  The culmination of that search is over 20 different independent frame lines in every shape, size, and color imaginable.  We discovered glasses for every personality.  But Eye Candy is so much more than the glasses.  It's the experience!!!



Principles of Eye Candy Optical

1. See your best – The lenses we carry are the best on the market because you’re worth it.  Our tagline is “See and be Seen”, where "See" is an essential part in giving you the best visual experience. It is not only our vision, but our responsibility.

2. Look your best – Whatever your style, occupation, lifestyle, or passion we will find a frame that will look great on you and help show the world the YOU that YOU want to project.

3. Pricing made simple – We believe in all inclusive pricing.  Once we know the lens that works for you, we have a simple one price package that includes everything needed to recreate "perfect vision".  After all when you shop for a car, whether it is a Chevrolet or a Cadillac, certain features ALWAYS come standard.  There isn’t an upcharge for air conditioning or an automatic transmission.  We feel the same way at Eye Candy.  Many of the elements that other optical retailers charge extra for are already included at Eye Candy Optical.

4. Pricing for everyone – We carry the optical versions of Godiva or Hershey Chocolates.  Each SWEET in their own way. We have frames from $79 on up.  You decide what works best for you and your budget.

5. We know style – We are on top of all the latest fashion trends. This means we will make sure you find a frame perfect for you and your style whether it is mild, wild, or anywhere in-between.  Know when you walk out that door your Eye Candy glasses will look great on you and reflect your uniqueness!

6. We’re NO pressure – No one wants to shop in a store where people are “in your face and pushy".  At Eye Candy we know that glasses are very personal experience and sometimes that requires a personal journey to find the perfect pair.  We are here to act as your guides.  Some want to explore on their own, some want more help.  Let us know and we will create an atmosphere best suited for you.

7. We’re NICE – Sure Eye Candy Optical is a beautiful store but that doesn’t mean snobby!!!  We are nice and WE MEAN IT!!!

8. We’re FUN – Buying a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses should be FUN!!!  We encourage you to try on as many frames as you want, visit more than once or send a selfie to that special someone in order to find the perfect pair.  We are fun and want you to have fun too.



Our Eye Candy People are the ones creating the Eye Candy Culture: state of the art, cutting edge, exclusive, and unmatched passion for eyewear. 

Our people are the key to success. 

Eye Candy Opticians are not only technically proficient, they are standouts amongst their peers.  They have more than 10 years of optical experience, having worked in all aspects of the industry.  They have worked in optical labs making glasses, as well as assisting customers to choose best optical solution.

Our team works well together to bring you the warm and laid back enviroment, so you can concentrate on picking the best eyewear for you. We know brands and frames extremely well, and will be able to help you find the perfect pair or pairs based on your look, personality, and lifestyle. We believe in making impact on people's lives.

Our people are not only the people working here, but also the people that come through our door.  We are ALL ROCK STARS at Eye Candy.