Oakley Eyewear


The Scoop on the Oakley Eyewear Brand:

Oakley Co. is a hub for groundbreaking design that goes beyond sports eyewear and prescription glasses. Oakley has evolved into a truly youth-fashion-icon, brand. The brand's core values are design, functionality and contemporary chic that are carefully crafted. Oakley is obsessed with design, product quality, connecting with their core users and, incorporating customer's feedback into their glasses designs.

Today Oakley produces a wide variety of sports equipment and eyewear: sunglasses, prescription glasses, sports visors, and ski goggles, color specific polarized and anti-reflective lenses. Oakley also makes watches, clothing, bags, backpacks, shoes, American football, hockey eyewear and golf gear as well as many other accessories. Oakley currently holds more than 600 patents for eyewear, materials and performance gear. Oakley is a U.S. company in Southern California. Oakley glasses and sunglasses are made to last and tested in athletic environments to ensure they are meeting high expectations of today's athletes.

Most people who wear prescription glasses do it for 16 hours a day (7 days a week). We only take our glasses off to sleep. In this way, it is super important that we own glasses frame that not only looks good but also feels good and comfortable after a prolonged wear. Oakley is a perfect example of a high quality eyewear that is aesthetically cool and super comfortable during prolonged wear or while playing sports. In addition, it is common to find as many as 20 custom lens colors available in the more popular Oakley sunglasses models. Oakley also offers several high performance sunglass products that feature interchangeable lens design that allows a wearer to match optics to the environment.

Professional athletes the world over have embraced the Oakley brand for prescription and nonprescription eyewear. Instead of giving a list of professional sports players who wear Oakley glasses, it might be easier to give a short list who do not wear Oakley. All kidding aside, Oakley glasses are a proven and time tested eyewear that are ready for action! Whether you are hitting the slopes, tennis court or ballpark Oakley glasses do the job for work and play.


What Oakley Glasses or Sunglasses Say Your Personality?

If you wear Oakley glasses or sunglasses you have the spirit of adventure inside you. You are not afraid to take the road less traveled and you most often do. Always an explorer, you would much prefer a weekend white water rafting, hiking or fishing, to hanging around the house. Your friends find your energy infectious and they rely on you to carry the group be it in a sailing regatta or on the golf course. Nonstop ACTION is your motto!


Why Oakley Eyewear?

  • Oakley Quality – Uncompromising quality built with the actual user in mind.
  • Oakley Warranty – One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Oakley Style – Sporty glasses and sunglasses done in a wide variety of lens shapes, colors, mirrors, and sizes.
  • Finest Materials Including – High quality acetates with many patented designs and patterns.
  • Attention to Detail – Oakley designs specific protective eyewear and visual enhancement lenses for all active lifestyles.
  • Oakley History – Over 30 years in business. Biggest sport eyewear brand (active wear).
  • Celebrity Customers Including – Hundreds of professional athletes and outdoorsmen all over the world!
  • Oakley Selection – An amazing selection of ophthalmic glasses and sunglasses in the widest variety of lens colors and treatments (mirrors).


Where to Buy Oakley Glasses and Sunglasses in Cleveland?

Eye Candy Optical in Westlake is the PLACE for Oakley prescription glasses and sunglasses in Greater Cleveland. Come to the store and let us help you find the perfect Oakley pair or two! See you soon…

U.S. Company – Eyewear Made in Taiwan China