Sugar Specs Eyewear


The Scoop on the Sugar Specs Eyewear Brand:

Sugar Specs is one of the freshest eyewear collections in THE LAND. The brand hails from Ohio’s north coast. The inspiration for the collection is rooted in the rock n’ roll attitude of the city. Sugar Specs doesn’t have to pretend to be cool… it simply IS. No frills and no pretentious ways, the collection is based on modern versions of classic shapes.

Sugar Specs is solid and wearable fashion for the face. The name was inspired by real people who want real glasses. No “sugar” substitutes here! Solid acetates or strong titanium metals shaped to perfection.

Each eyewear frame has a story. And that great story is based in its name. Frames such as The Maverick and The Stunner exude power and timeless beauty. While The Leading Lady and The Perfect Gentlemen tell a different but wonderful story for the wearer.

With very limited distribution, Sugar Specs glasses is not about being for everyone. Rather Sugar Specs is carried in optical shops that reflect the values of the brand. With more models coming to life in each collection, Sugar Specs continues to build upon its story and reputation as a collection. Stay tuned for more specs from the Rock N’ Roll capital of the world.

What Sugar Specs Glasses or Sunglasses Say Your Personality?

If you wear Sugar Specs glasses or sunglasses, you are one who is just a little be rebellious. You could care less about owning what’s trendy or designer just because your friends or neighbors are wearing it. Rather you know what you like, you know what looks good, and you just roll with it. You are a stickler for quality so fast fashion is a big no-no. Your wardrobe may be classic, but it is quality and stands the test of time. You’re more likely to be spending a night out on the town in a favorite place that has a little grit but nice people. You avoid the trappings of trendy spots with little history or substance. You like it real … real people, real venue, real fun! That’s you!


Why Sugar Specs Eyewear?

  • Sugar Specs Quality – Solid quality, and a pure fit.
  • Sugar Specs Warranty – One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Sugar Specs Style – Classics done with modern flair.
  • Finest Materials Including – Finest acetates and titanium.
  • Attention to Detail – Strong construction with premium european hinges and hardware.
  • Sugar Specs Selection – Sugar Specs is a relatively young company, but it has created a reputation for being cool, classic, fun, and unapologetic.


Where to Buy Sugar Specs Glasses and Sunglasses in Cleveland?

Eye Candy Optical in Westlake and Beachwood are the PLACES for Sugar Specs prescription glasses and sunglasses in Greater Cleveland. Come to the store and let us help you find the perfect Sugar Specs pair! See you soon…

U.S. Company – Eyewear Made In Asia