TAG Heuer Eyewear


The Scoop on the TAG Heuer Eyewear Brand:

In keeping with its image as a luxury brand with an innovative spirit, TAG Heuer has established long-standing links with the world of professional sport and entertainment. The TAG Heuer brand has a long list of sports and Hollywood ambassadors. Known for its amazing Time pieces including Watches and Chronographs (Stopwatches), TAG Heuer has been winning the world over for 150 years by being the time choice of champion sports including Formula One racing, Skiing, and the Olympics. Now it has expanded its product offering into quality Avant-Garde sport inspired eyewear.

TAG Heuer is a French company and is a part of world's largest luxury group LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton. TAG Heuer glasses and sport sunglasses are made to last and tested in harsh environments to ensure they are meeting high expectations of today's adventurers and athletes.

Most people who wear prescription glasses do it for 16 hours a day (7 days a week). We only take our glasses off to sleep. In this way, it is super important that we own glasses frame that not only looks good but also feels good and comfortable after a prolonged wear. TAG Heuer is a perfect example of a high quality eyewear that is aesthetically cool and super comfortable.

While being suited for sports or the office, TAG Heuer also prides itself in offering its signature styles in a myriad of masculine colors. There is a long line of celebrity endorsements of TAG Heuer including Tiger Woods, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Jeff Gordon, Maria Sharapova, Juan Pablo Montoya, Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, and Steve McQueen. These sports glasses are right for the golf course, tennis court, ball field, or the racetrack. Tag Heuer glasses look just as great at the office or on the town.


What TAG Heuer Glasses or Sunglasses Say Your Personality?

If you wear TAG Heuer glasses or sunglasses, you are a man’s man. You love sports and have fond memories of playing high school sports back in the day. Although now your “fix” for athletics is mostly channeled through your kids. Still you manage to get 18 holes in from time to time. You are a man of achievement and your career is solid but you secretly hoped it could have been more. It is easy for you to gather up a group of friends for a backyard BBQ or Saturday poker game.

Filled with bravado you still get looks from the ladies but really have only one special woman in your life, but after a few beers you still find yourself wondering “if only”. Just the same you don’t think of yourself as a cad but merely a guy with great vitality. Your strongest quality and sometimes your biggest crutch is that you are very competitive. Life is a game and you like to win. What’s the matter with keeping score any way? There’s winners and losers in the game of life and you the type of guy who will never throw in the towel.


Why TAG Heuer Eyewear?

  • TAG Heuer Quality – Uncompromising quality built by a company with a time honored tradition of producing distinctive and extremely accurate timepieces.
  • TAG Heuer Warranty – One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • TAG Heuer Style – Sporty glasses and sunglasses done in a wide variety of materials including titanium, acetates, and super comfortable elastomers (rubber).
  • Finest Materials Including – High quality acetates, elastomers, and metals.
  • Attention to Detail – TAG Heuer focuses on the small fashionable accents that make huge contributions to the final eyewear piece.
  • TAG Heuer History – Over 100 years in business.
  • TAG Heuer Selection – An amazing selection of ophthalmic glasses and sunglasses myriad of masculine colors all built for extreme comfort.


Where to Buy TAG Heuer Glasses and Sunglasses in Cleveland?

Eye Candy Optical in Westlake is the PLACE for TAG Heuer prescription glasses and sunglasses in Greater Cleveland. Come to the store and let us help you find the perfect TAG Heuer pair! See you soon…

French Company– Eyewear Made in France