Iyoko Inyake


What Iyoko Inyake glasses say about your personality?

If you wear Iyoko Inyake chances are you wear more than one pair of glasses. You would not call yourself a chameleon but unpredictable for sure.   You realize glasses are like shoes and everyone should have many more than one pair. You express yourself but realize you do not have to be fashion forward every day.   Your Iyoko glasses come out on those days where you feel the need for a little “shock and awe”.  You always keep them guessing and they always come back for more.

The scoop on Iyoko Inyake:

Iyoko Inyake eyewear has become known for its inventive and trend setting designs.  This unique collection is not only comfortable to wear but perfectly complements the wardrobes of stylish men and women.   Iyoko Inyake is a truly unique eyewear design company.  Belgian design and handcrafted in Japan of only the finest materials such as titanium, stainless steel, gold-plat, wood and horn.

Belgian Company – Eyewear Made in Japan