The Scoop on the CAZAL LEGENDS Eyewear Brand:

CAZAL Eyewear’s origins are from the late great designer Cari Zalloni. A rebel from the start, Cari Zalloni revolutionized eyewear industry in the 80’s and created timeless fashion for years to come.

The operative words for CAZAL’s style are bold and unapologetic. CAZAL LEGENDS glasses and sunglasses take it to the next level and set the benchmark so high that other eyewear brands are still trying to catch up today. No other eyewear line captures CAZAL’s spirit of individuality and extravagance.

CAZAL LEGENDS Eyewear’s extraordinary style is equally matched by its amazing quality. Each pair of CAZAL LEGENDS sunglasses and glasses is made of nearly 50 components and a manufacturing process of 70 steps all completed by eyewear artisans in Germany. First class materials such as pure titanium and gold further accentuate the attention to detail and quality.

CAZAL LEGENDS Eyewear vintage designs still enjoy a unique relevance that prove CAZAL fashion goes far beyond trendy and firmly places it in a category of a fashion classic. While CAZAL defined the typical hip-hop look of the 80’s and 90’s, its newer designs continue to set trends today. Not for the timid,

CAZAL LEGENDS Eyewear exudes a look of confidence and luxury for the wearer. Eyewear lovingly nicknamed “Crazy” by its fans, CAZAL sunglasses and glasses look great at the Grammy’s or a night on the town with your closest friends.


What CAZAL LEGENDS Glasses or Sunglasses Say Your Personality?

If you wear CAZAL LEGENDS prescription glasses or sunglasses, you are the life of the party. Regular CAZALs are no longer enough to satisfy your desire for the boldest look. You are the person that brings new life into a room just by your mere presence. Although some people can get a little nervous around you because of your intensity, you quickly disarm their apprehension with a warm smile and friendly conversation. People often say “it’s not a party until you arrive”. While it would be easy for you to get a little full of yourself with such flattery, you keep both feet on the ground and go the extra mile for friends and family. Your ideal vacation involves a sandy beach, a cool cocktail, and some good tunes. Just the same, you are perfectly comfortable just chillin’ with your crowd in a dimly lit restaurant making quiet conversation or screaming at the top of your lungs for the Cavs in your favorite sports bar.



  • CAZAL LEGENDS Quality – Stunning Italian acetates, pure titanium, and even gold components assembled in a manufacturing process of 70 steps by artisan craftsmen.
  • CAZAL LEGENDS Warranty – One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • CAZAL LEGENDS Style – Bold and unapologetic eyewear made up of the classic vintage styles that defined 80’s Hip Hop, to modern day classics that still embody the sprit and individuality that made CAZAL a household name.
  • Finest Materials Including – Titanium, stainless steel, finest acetates, 18K Gold.
  • Attention to Detail – Each frame is assembled by hand in German factories in the same “old school” manner as the original eyewear from the 80’s.
  • CAZAL LEGENDS History – Almost 40 years in business.
  • Celebrity Customers Including – Kanye West, Amber Rose, Nelly, Omarion, Jay-Z, DJ Antoine, Meek Mill, Maitre Gims, Beyoncé, George Boateng, Gwen Stefani, R. Kelly, Fabolous, Will.I.Am and so many more.
  • CAZAL LEGENDS Selection – An exceptional selection of ophthalmic (RX) glasses and coolest sunglasses.


Where to Buy CAZAL LEGENDS Glasses and Sunglasses in Cleveland?

Eye Candy Optical in Westlake is the PLACE for CAZAL LEGENDS prescription glasses in Greater Cleveland. Come to the store and let us help you find the perfect CAZAL LEGENDS pair! See you soon…

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