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Kevin in his new designer glasses by Dita – Fashion of Massage Envy

Kevin of Massage Envy - Westlake in his new designer glasses by DITA Eyewear invites you to visit one of their four locations in Avon, Belden Village, Mentor, and of course Westlake. First time guests get a one hour massage for $49.99! Eye Candy and Massage Envy - So good for your body and soul! Eye Candy Optical Cleveland – The Best Glasses Store!


Eye Candy Optical - Cleveland (Westlake), 09.05.2016 | Posted in adventure, CLE, cleveland, Crocker Park, Dita, Eye Candy Life, EyecandyLife, eyewear, follow, Japan, massage, Massage Envy, photo of the day, retail, specs, sunglasses, Westlake

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