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Eye Candy's Original – What’s Hot and what’s Not in glasses for back to School for the Ladies?

By Eye Candies Casey and Steve

Eye Candy's Original – What’s Hot and what’s Not in glasses for back to School for the Ladies?

We know the drill. School is coming soon so you hit the streets with Mom or Dad on the obligatory school clothes run. Sometimes fun but most of the time NOT.  Just when you think you are sitting pretty after a six hour trip to the mall Mom drops this little phrase on you… “You could use a new pair of glasses.”  Oh the horror!!! Your stomach turning in knots (and not just from that nasty food court stir-fry) at the thought of visiting a bunch of glasses shops.  The next words mumbled out of your mouth is LAME and with good reason.  First, glasses shopping can be super boring.  Secondly, there is added pressure to find something cool.  Trust us... Your Mom isn’t too fired up about the experience either.

We feel your pain and can help you.  We know this… shopping for glasses at Eye Candy Optical is anything but boring!  We take all the guesswork out because we know what’s HOT and what’s NOT for back to school.

Below is a quick overview for the gals on picking a frame that will keep you looking COOL and CURRENT as you go back to school.  

THE GIRLS HOT LIST for back to school

1. Frame – Baylor

Made by – Dita Eyewear

Color – Black Night

Why is it hot?  This frame oozes confidence and just the right amount of femininity.  They call this “GEEK CHIC” but don’t get caught up labels.  This frame is the epitome of cool.

What else is there to love about it?  Looks good on most girls regardless of hair color.  Dita is a super cool eyewear company from California who specialize in taking retro type frames and remaking them into rock n roll modern masterpieces.

Cool factor 9 out 10!

2. Frame – Try Again 2

Made by – WOOW (Face a Face Paris)

Color – Passion Purple

Why is it hot?  The shape is big and deep which is right on trend. What makes this so beautiful is that it is big without being chunky.  The color is an amazing purple which surprisingly will go with a wide array of wardrobe colors.

What else is there to love about it?  This frame is very much on trend and is straight from France.  It is bold without being “over the top”.  The “it” color according to Pantone.

Cool factor 8 out of 10!

3. Frame – Come On 3

Made by – WOOW (Face a Face Paris)

Color - Radiant Amber

Why is it hot?  This is an amazing Cat Eyed frame which is SO HOT in the eyewear fashion world even if hasn’t quite reached Lake Erie shores. The shape has just the right amount of lift on the edges which really pulls the face up and dare we say it gives you a “happier” look.

What else is there to love about it? This frame would complement a school uniform perfectly without being dated.  It gives off an air of sophistication and intellectuality. Who couldn’t use a little of that for school or work for that matter?

Cool Factor 8 out of 10!

4. Frame – Ray-Ban 5184

Made by – Ray-Ban (Luxottica)

Color – Black Matte Tortoise

Why is it hot? No secret that the Ray-Ban brand is HOT.  You see it on everyone.  But there are styles that are just plain cooler than others. This frame makes the list because its shape is unisex but in our opinion is better suited for the ladies.  Its matte finish is THE look at the Eyewear show in New York so you know it’s got some longevity.

What else is there to love about it? For those of you that like to the tried and true, this little Ray-Ban may not turn a lot of heads but it sure will help you avoid any dirty looks.

Cool Factor 6 out of 10!

5. Frame – M2013

Made by – Matsuda

Color – Oxblood

Why is it hot? The shape of this frame is simply amazing.  The best combination of cat eye, geek chic, and pure femininity.  The look is pure excitement yet it fits like an old shoe. Stunning and comfortable. The temples are gold and have some very attractive filigree which makes it look regal in the classroom or the out on the town.

What else is there to love about it? This frame looks sweet and tough all at the same time.  It is a frame that does get the looks and the complements.  Make your friends experience “glasses envy” with this baby!

Cool Factor 10 out of 10!

THE GIRLS NOT HOT LIST for back to school

The little rectangle - Here is a prime example of what is NOT HOT – Narrow, small, square, rectangular, chunky and just plain BORING.  We know that many people are still wearing this look in CLE town but we are quite certain that this look is OUT.  By the way… added bling to the sides only dates this shape even more.  Think wider, deeper, and leaner!!!  That is the key to wearing a killer set of specs that will get you noticed this year. Wherever you shop for glasses we hope you find the perfect pair.  Until next time…

Stay Sweet!


Eye Candy Casey and Eye Candy Steve

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