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Are Women Sexy in Glasses? The men have spoken! Part 1

By Eye Candy Steve

Are Women Sexy in Glasses? The men have spoken! Part 1

Hot or Not in specs? The age old question that has pondered great minds of countless souls. We DARED to ask men the question and the results were provocative to say the least.

1. Do men make passes at girls that wear glasses?

YES… YES they do!  90% of men said that the old saying “Men DON’T make passes at women in glasses” is dead and gone.  We couldn’t agree more.


2. So what kind of glasses turn on guys the most?

45% of men said Sexy sunglasses really got their testosterone pumping.  This is not too much of a surprise since guys associate sunglasses with ladies in beach attire. The boys were predictable to say the least. However, the RX glasses were a more interesting story.  Guys clearly love “GEEK CHIC”.  Oh how they pine for a dolled up lady in big geeky glasses.  So girls it’s time to tap into your inner nerd. 

3. Who is the men’s “fantasy” woman in glasses?

A note to the ladies…if you want to get a man excited, dress up as a sexy librarian!  50% of men found the Librarian (a little nice and a lot naughty) as THE “fantasy” woman in glasses.  Men appear to like their fantasy women smart and nerdy.  

The sweet College Coed in specs took second place in our poll with a quarter of the men ready run for the nearest college dormitory.  But guys like their “cougars” too.  More than 10% of guys chose their English Lit professor.  So no matter how you slice it ladies, when men dream of women in specs, it’s “back to school”!

4. What do men think of bespectacled women in the bedroom?

Our boys were true to form once again.  A third of men want you to leave your glasses on!!!  We didn’t ask about the shoes.  Another third would toss those glasses on the nightstand and get right down the business. 10% want to take their Librarian fantasy to the next level and have you roll play it out with them.  We will leave it to your imagination to see what fine you impose for those overdue books!!!

The bottom line is that men LOVE women in glasses.  Ladies toss your inhibitions but not your specs.  Be bold. Be beautiful. And be spectacled.  Next time in the Eye Candy Blog we will share what the ladies have to say about guys.

See you at Eye Candy!  Stay Sweet!

*Survey Results taken our own Eye Candy on line survey in May 2014 via Survey Monkey

By Eye Candy Steve, 04.07.2014 | Posted in Geek Chic, Naughty Librarian, Sexy Glasses, Turn on Glasses

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